Mongolia Dinosaur Odyssey

Mongolia’s Gobi Desert is not only a United Nations designated International Biosphere Reserve, but also an internationally accepted premier dinosaur “graveyard” since the 1920s.

The Gobi Desert’s sandy sediments hide a graveyard of the fossilized remains of the long-necked Saurolophus, horned-nosed Protoceratops, ostrich-like Gallimimus, and an Ingenia – a predatory dinosaur. This expedition will provide ample opportunity to prospect in the fossil-rich beds of the Gobi Desert. Join us for this adventure featuring both famous old and newly opened dinosaur excavation sites in the Gobi Desert, including the Flaming Cliffs, Tugrughiin Shiree and the Nemegt Basin.


  • Prospect dinosaur fossil rich beds of the Gobi Desert
  • Listen to “Singing Dunes”
  • Join Paleontology scientists for the lectures on recent excavations and findings




Arrive in Ulaanbaatar, the Capital of Mongolia.  Welcome dinner.



Early morning tour of Gandan Monastery, the largest Buddhist center of Mongolia, & enjoy the majestic view of the 20-tons statue of Migjid Janraiseg, adorned with gold & jewels. This statue is placed in a specially built Janraisig Temple, which was recently re-opened at Gandan Monastery. Tour the Natural History Museum with Dr. Khand, paleontology scientist. A native folklore performance is planned for the evening.



Gobi Desert
Travel to Gobi and visit Yol Valley National Park, nestled in the foothills of the Gobi Altai mountains. Drive to to Noyon Uul for camping at the site of a dead volcano and famous “Mirror Cliffs”. Continue driving to the popular Nemegt Basin in Gurvan Tes Valley to camp at the site of Nemegt Mountain where Prenocephale prenes, Homalocephale calthhoceros and many other dinosaur skeletons were found. On the way to Bayanzag, the Flaming Cliffs visit to Hongoryn Gol Oasis and enjoy “sand skiing”. Tour Tugrigiin Shiree, the famous site of the “Fighting Dinosaurs”. Celebrate the expedition with hearty dinner and a documentary about Roy Andrew Chapman’s expedition in the early 1920’s.



Return to Ulaanbaatar from Gobi Desert.
Tour the Bogdo Khaan Palace Museum, an architectural treasure, registered by the World Monument Fund, as an important cultural site in Mongolia. Join a special visit to the Academy of Natural Sciences’ lab where you can observe some unique fossils as they are being prepared for the general public. Then, transport to Mt. Bogdo National Park. There will be an ample opportunity to enjoy Mandshir Monastery settings, and the lovely nature & wildlife of this park before heading back to visit horsebreeder’s family to explore the making of Airag, the fermented mare’s milk which is the traditional drink of Mongols.



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