About us

Mongolian Travel and its headquarters Juulchin World Tours bring years of experience and unrivaled travel management solutions to the planning and operation of our distinguished tours. Whether you are looking to escape your daily life with a life changing adventure or you are trying to organize a career altering business trip, our experienced staff is here to assist you to make that trip outstanding. Our team of travel specialists is friendly, experienced, superbly knowledgeable and prepared to go the extra mile to ensure you have the best holiday experience at extremely competitive prices.

We have learned over past three decades that the key to our success has been to respect the individuality of each of our guests. We provide the type of the services that the most discerning client would expect: the best available accommodations, which reveal the Mongolian character, appealing cuisine and entertainment that reflects the culture and captivating sightseeing, combined with sufficient leisure time for self exploration.

Welcome to Mongolia!