About us

Mongolian Travel and its headquarters Juulchin World Tours bring years of experience to the planning and operation of its distinguished tours. We have learned over the years that the key to our success has been to respect the individuality of each of our guests. We provide the type of the services that the most discerning client would expect: the best available accommodations which reveal the Mongolian character, appealing cuisine and entertainment that reflect the culture and captivating sightseeing combined with sufficient leisure time for self exploration. All these considerations ensure you a carefree, fascinating, and memorable adventure at a great value!

Custom-tailored itineraries

At Mongolian Travel, we plan each itinerary with care, making sure that you see all the attractions you have heard about- and more. We do our best to minimize the unwanted travel time between the places of interest, so you see as much of Mongolia’s treasures as possible during the given limited time opportunity.


Fine Selection of hotel and dining venues

Mongolian Travel offers travelers accommodations and dining experiences that best reveal the color and character of each place you visit. Our tours throughout Mongolia and Northeast Asia are no exception. You can plan to utilize the best available hotels and ger camps and dine in local favorite places.

Care with a Personal Touch

Each tour is accompanied by an experienced guide-interpreter who takes care of every travel detail- from luggage handling and flight check-in to meals and hotels. Our guide will gladly share with you fascinating information about Mongolia including but not limited to history and legends, its customs and diversity, past, current and future development issues of the country. Most importantly, our tour guides know the people, culture and traditions. They are friendly, caring, and fun to be with.

Because we take care of every detail, and manage our own hotel, camps and operate one the largest and newest vehicle fleet of the county, we deliver quality, reliability and responsibility you expect.

Please join us on our tour to explore and Enjoy Mongolia and Northeast Asia!

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